The Melting pot that is student accommodation

It can be very easy to disregard the current student uprising when put in context of the violence exhibited, however there are septic issues that are the cause of the student uprising. One of these is the challenge of student housing for major universities in Southern Africa.

As South Africa entered its new age of democracy there was no defining of what sort of educational system or rather no creating our own version of education. Neither was there a clear discussion on how universities transform to meet the multitudes of students that would flood their hallways, fields and campus residences.

The continued pressure or lack of management of student housing plays a crucial point in causing flare up’s in the wound, with many students being subjected to finding a pillow or bed in spaces that entice criminal activity, unsafe to live in and in many cases not in the location of the institute they are registered at.

Join us a we attempt to find the cause of this wound through a comparative analysis of University of KwaZulu Natal and University of Zululand. Two large universities sharing a similar make-up of design and positioning. We take into account UKZN Howard College campus and UniZulu Ongoye campus.

Universities are bursting at the seams and in KwaZulu-Natal school-leavers have only a one-in-eight chance of winning a place to study. In other parts of the country the demand for places is higher. – Written by Leanne Jansen and Anna Cox, published on Independent Online: Varsities are bursting at the seams.

The aim is to showcase the reality of student housing experiences for first year students right through to postgraduate. Should you have thought that being a first year or being post-graduate would earn you a spot to rest your head, be aware that it isn’t the case for students. The following is what we will uncover:

  • Student housing the perspective from on-campus, off-campus and private housing.
  • A Parent’s thought on student housing and observations.
  • What are the underlying cause of student squatting issues.

The above are just a look at the factual information and various opinion from different individuals with their own experiences. We would like to ultimately share the disheartening challenge of finding a place to sleep for the first time you enter the gates of university. Share the struggle of staying ahead in class while stuck in a housing environment not suitable for students and ultimately a look at how communities surrounding each university respond to the accommodation needs of students.